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  • HoursM-F 7a-7p, Sat 8a-5p, Sun 9a, 12p, OR 5p
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Should I bring my own food?

We recommend bringing your dog’s normal food to avoid any stomach issues from a new food. It is also recommended that you put correct portion sizes in individual Ziploc bags. If you are not able to bring the food, we always have some available so your dog will never go hungry.

Can I bring my dog’s bed and blankets from home?

Generally, we try to avoid outside beds and blankets to avoid any flea and tick concerns. Every suite comes with an elevated bed made of breathable fabric. If you are concerned about your pet not feeling comfortable away from home, feel free to bring a toy or one blanket.

Where are you located?

We are located at 18920 Statesville Rd in Cornelius. Take Exit 28 from I-77 and turn right on Statesville Road to head south. Purrfect Paws is about ½ mile from the exit.

What are your Rates?

Please see the individual service pages for information on Boarding and Daycare rates. Grooming rates are based on breed, so please call or book online to get an estimate. Final grooming prices are determined after an evaluation by the groomer.

My dog is not social. Can he still be boarded or go to daycare?

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new customers for our non-social programs.  Space is very limited to get them adequate time for excercise while maintaining a peaceful and safe environment.  Veterinary clinics and in-home pet sitting are alternatives.

How much playtime can my dog expect?

As much as possible. We believe in social boarding and want your dog to enjoy as much time as possible playing with their doggie friends. We do give the dogs adequate rest periods and monitor weather conditions for high heat, humidity, rain, etc. Purrfect Paws will never limit your dog’s playtime due to capacity or because you didn’t purchase a more expensive option.  Playgroups usually begin by 8 am and finish around 6 pm during the week.

What do I need to bring for a first time visit?

We must have vaccination records before any dog can be admitted for any service. If you don’t have a copy available, just let us know and we will contact your vet. Your dog should also be spayed or neutered. Be sure to bring food and any medications. We will take care of everything else.

Vaccination records

We must have vaccination records before any dog can be admitted for any service. If you don’t have a copy available, just let us know and we will contact your vet.  You can also have your vet fax records to 704-765-4549 or email to info@purrfectpawsnc@gmail.com

If I book online, do I have to pay online?

No. You can always pay at pickup. However, you can pre-pay at drop-off or by calling us at 704-896-6770.

Can you accommodate my dog’s medications?

Yes. Please provide medication name, dosage, strength, and instructions. We will be glad to make sure they get the proper medication. Please note there is a $2 per day charge for medication.

Should I bring my dog’s food bowl?

No. We have plenty of bowls for food and water.


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