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Kennel Cough in LKN


Emailed on August 6, 2021


We hope you are enjoying your summer. It has been a pleasure to see so many of your dogs again this year, as last year was limited for everyone. Here are a couple of quick updates.



1.  Multiple Veterinary Clinics and other Boarding Facilities are reporting a virus similar to Bordetella.  Unfortunately, the vets believe this to be a variant of some sort and is still being transmitted despite bordetella vaccination.  The vaccination should help limit severity but doesn't prevent spread. If you notice any coughing or hacking, please keep your dog isolated and contact your Vet for guidance.  



While this can be picked up anywhere, boarding facilities and veterinary clinics are likely to see cases due to the number of animals in close proximity. Our cleaning protocols kill most animal viruses with vet-grade chemicals, but an airborne virus can still be present.  Our air is being filtered and replenished on a constant basis.  The dogs in our facility are vaccinated for Bordetella, but this does not seem to stop the spread of this virusMost dogs are able to fight this off, but the vet may offer a medication to help, as they will be somewhat lethargic until it passes.  Elderly dogs, and those with depressed immune systems, are the most at risk for severe symptoms.



2. Please be sure to book appointments at least a week ahead.  Grooming has stayed full all summer with a 1-2 week wait.  Boarding has been at or near capacity on several weekends.



Please help us stay vigilant and listen for any coughing.  It will be a long season for viruses, human and dog, but we greatly appreciate your help.


Here is a link if you would like to read more on this type of virus. Click Here



Thank you for your business!!


Cole, Wrigley, and the PURRfect Paws Staff


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